Monday, 21 April 2008

2009 goya's and maui is still windy

Its windy and wavey here on Maui its so consistent my body is aching all over. I have been on the rocks a few times. One time I was trying to show some one who has never sailed Hokipa, how to get out, all I showed them was how not to get out. There was a lull in wind wight water hit me i was straight on the rocks pretty funny apart from I broke my board its in the repair shop now but on the up side. I tried out the new 2009 Goya boards and they are awesome boards as always. I have been siling with all the guys from my local beach back home Jamie,Audsly, Hunty, Coxy, Dan and Wems so many people out here at the moment good fun. I am trying to upload some video footage now so hope to have a video of my trip to Maui soon I will keep you posted.

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