Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Back in the UK

I'm back in the UK been good so far went windsurfing down at hill head did some freestyling which was great fun. I went to the student windsurfing event this weekend down in calshot they didn't have allot of wind for the event but had a hell of a fancy dress party. on a boat which cruised up and down the solent very funny it was a moving dance floor full of drunk people would sway about and look 100 times drunker than they where. Allso at the event I gave a Surfaid presentation and they are going to give donations to Surfaid as of next year witch is a great help and will help allot of people. if you want to help Surfaid you can donate on there web site witch is www.surfaidinternational.org.
forecast looks good for the next week and I am planing my trip round Europe in my friends van woop woop cant wait will be awesome trip will keep you posted thanks chris

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