Thursday, 10 July 2008


befor the bbc rang I was down in Cornwall for the unofficial wave jam with the goya team. we windsurfed all day sat good fun jumping and partyed with thorpy Murray french and potter till 5 am and got woken up around 8 am for parking on double yellows. then went sailing all day I got call around 8 pm from the bbc I was nearly asleep and still at penzance .they said I needed to be in Bewl water on the east coast for 9am next morning for filming they would pay all expenses so thought would be great opportunity. so I left there and then on the most tired journey of my life energy drinks and drum and bass to keep me awake I arrived at 3 am in London crashed out at my girlfriend house woke up in my clothes had to rush straight there just arrived on time. I was still wiped and think could be quite a funny watch see what the editing will be like felt pretty monged out.
I was a judge on the program "help the teachers come home" where the teacher goes home for weekend to learn sport of there pupils then teachers are set challenges to see if they have learnt the sport. they passed the teacher had dun well despite the BBC asking me to fail her as need some one to be gunged with green slime she passed the show will be out in September on Saturday morning TV.

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