Friday, 17 October 2008

6th place in tiree double elimination

woop woop best place ever in pros came 6th place the double went relay well beet rich potter to get through to face James cox where i was taken down final results where

sky 1st
horricks 2nd
proffit 3rd
cox 4th
handcock 5th
me 6th

awesome event yer bring on the prize money

all so pawlow natini the singer has been here doing some live sets in the pub awesome stuff some mad nights out with some crowed surfing and Murray riped light off the roof.

proffit losing his shoes and powlow finding them and proffit pulling out the line" got my new shoes on everything going to be alright" funny stuff final prize giving tonight getting ready for the Kayley party good forcast for the weekend so staying here on tiree then off to ozzy kiss woop woop

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