Monday, 27 October 2008

ak7 is over

had great week started in exeter on Tuesday night with crew from exeter uni and vass bit of a mad one.

off on Wednesday to gwithian for a surf with vass instructor Jamie Gibbs good head high waves bit mussy but great fun.

Thursday wet off at gwithian with mast high sets rolling stacked on my 5.0. all guys from vass where there shredding it up bubbles sister went out for her first time wave sailing ever that day too fair play to that mast high gwitian pretty hectic first wave session.

i had a mega swim i was sure i was out the back pop ed over a wave to see a massive crumblier right there landing on me my kit got swooped all way in up on to only rock hole of gwithian GREAT! sat up there high and dry i could see it as i was swimming from about a mile out love it.

i had toclime up to get it down it was intact must be that solid GOYA kit

Friday we shot up to bude for Aussie kiss seven where some epic partying went on with around 300 students all mad for it.

Saturday hard morning for driving to the demo and event it was in cool location good for the beginner windsurfers and we had wind to get planing which was sweet did some freeriding/freestyleing

sat night fancy dress night the seven deadly sins. it definitely was deadly some amazing fancy dress going down George in his deadly bin and proffit in a fat suit soo funny. it was all going great got in to the party raring to go wooooo. after allot of pree lashing at the caravans we where well on our way to being very wasted. i got a drink and headed to the dance floor for some grooving oo yer. then i was picked up for a crowed surf and to my dismay was crowed surfed right out the front door by the bouncers CRAP. i was arguing with them for quite some time trying to work out how being trowen in the air and around the room was my fault. i didn't float up there. they where not having any of it arr well. i rocked the car park for a bit there where loads a people out there. i then headed back to a van party till the morning such crazy event loads fun and madness.


check the fat suit in back ground

Sunday it rained all night and was well muddy good for some mud surfing they did all the student light wind freestyle comps.

jem hall did some cool clinics had cool chest wig for fancy dress quote "don't be a passenger take control and drive your change" DO NOT PISS IN YA FUEL TANK EAT HEALTHY BROTHER" beginner to winner buy it .

i hitched a lift back with Southampton uni cheers dudes


<---wooooo chunder

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