Monday, 26 January 2009

kits story my b day

So been some crazy adventures recently george's friend kit has arrived he travelled all the way by himself from Kenya with no mishaps. He gets here asks “can I drive” we're like “OK no worries” pulls out of the drive and jumps the first stop sign, cue; police siren! Pulls him over and gives him a R1500 fine, madness drove 25 meters you know how they say bad things come in threes well this was number one.

So the next day he goes to the bank to get cash out for the fine, a guy comes up behind him, reads his pin, steels his card, takes £200 out his account before he has time to cancel it! He goes to security and they call the police which just so happens to be the same police man that pulled him over! He turns up says “hi kit what's happened” to which the reply was “I was getting bloody money out for you and I got robbed, all your fault!” he got let off the fine but left with no card this is number two in the trilogy of disaster.

We're all really worried now as at this point we know Kit still has one more thing to come his way using the rule of three!!

The next night me and Ben had a joint pirate party, awesome, Ben's 31 and I'm 21 today, woop!! Had a great BBQ at ours where we drank a box of wine “arr” that's where it all went wrong! We went to Proffitt's house to meet all the other pirates and spent all night singing sea shanty's “what shall we do with the drunken sailor what shall we do with the drunken sailor” to which the obvious answer was; “ feed him rum”! Next thing I remember, I woke up and apparently I had good night. down fall
In morning we were all very worse for wear I would say drunk as we made plans to go cliff jumping 3 hours drive away! We went in two cars where our car broke down half way, nightmare, so 7 people and 4 surf boards crammed in one car all the way “woo sweaty”. Eventually we arrived and set off on our walk from false bay to find the crystal pools. I was leading the way but ended up getting lost, ended up at top of mountain which was pretty cool and meant we could see the pools from the top. So made our way down and found the pools after 2 and a half hours of sweaty walking. On arrival, some of the local dudes were there pointing out two massive jumps, I mean HUGE, the smallest being 40ft and a 60 ft, no lies. We, meaning me, George and Adam, were like lets do the 40 ft one which took alot of balls with one leg shaking, massive jump.

Then this local guy went up to top of the big one, sat there for like 40 mins not jumping so we said even if he does do it we're not going to. Finally he went for it, it was a hell of a long drop as he hit water we all stared at each other, I just knew it was on!

“Ooo crap” it was George first I was behind him and after looking over the edge, said “are sure you want to do this George” coz I knew if he went I had to too, he looked back, said “ye” turned back and just went for it! Ooo man, I really was not loving it, George's head in the water was sooo small! I looked back at Adam turned back and went for it. As I got half way down I had to stop screaming to take another breath and was hit by a massive boost of adrenalin as I was still falling, I hit the water at warp speed and felt like I had ripped all the toes off my feet from the impact, I even checked them when I came up, I went soo deep, I just started shaking from adrenalin it was amazing. Adam followed just behind with the biggest splash ever.

We sat on a rock contemplating the jump looking up at how big it was when we saw Kits head on top of the big one “oo no”! He sat there for 15 Min but went back away from edge, good idea we thought. So we started the climb back to the top, suddenly there was Kit. His plan was to go away from the edge, psych himself up and just go for it! I turned around shouting “OOo my god he's jumping” arms swinging back I saw his eyes wide as plates as he started to rotate backwards in the air. He was only half way down but was plummeting horizontally!!! He hit the water so hard the slap echoed in the valley and his hair didn't even get wet, 60 foot to bum drop, madest thing I have ever seen. He was as White as a sheet and said nothing due to shock! He is OK but has bruises resembling a jail welcome party!! Number 3 of the jinx's has been lifted but not without some scares, resulting in one of the most legendary cape town experiences!!

On the way back we got to our car and by now it had cooled down but the engine had seized up! Great, as we were all knackered! We tried to loosen it up by bump starting it looking like lords as we did laps of the car park in front of a packed bar! Eventually the car started accompanied by a massive roar from every one in bar, but it was short lived as the car died once more. So we had to give up, phone the rental company and have a beer whilst waiting for the tow truck to arrive. After sorting the car we all had cram back into the one car again and head off home.

Climbed table mountain the next day, legs are in pain today, it's my bday, had an awesome surf this morning, “wooo Cape Town is great”. Good times, great stories.

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