Thursday, 26 February 2009

jem halls parrachute did not open crap!!!!!

after our house persuaded jem hall world best windsurfing coach to go sky diving. we went down to watch the action unfold after teasing him about how stoner was packing his parachute. we watched in horror as his chuite was pulled and he was sent in to a down ward spiral 100miles an hour this chuite then appeared to rip off . we all gasped in horror as freefell again not knowing there was a reserve cuite terrible moment. suddenly bright blue chute opend up with a harsh snap. reserve was pulled we could here jem whooping from 100 ft up wooo im alive woop woop as he landed fell straight to his knees kissed the ground. huge praise to the tandem partner for fast thinking. crazy thing to watch had an adrenalin rush just watching woo

surfing loads wind very fluky great barreling sun set sessions with dolphins pink sun sets awesome times and i had my first barrel ever wooooooooooooo also can you see my beard bit ginger we are having beard growing comp i been growing this for about month now haha

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