Monday, 2 February 2009

So cape town been another great week. awesome windsurfing some shots here.
I moved house into one with great sea view sofa surfing woop woop. Had nice bbq or bri outhere day tooo pic from the balcony

the lads went home boo but fun still flowing as Ollie has arrived.
after good 5 days of wind the was forecast was for the wind to drop off for the weekend. so we made the decision to go to a 2 day trance rave in the mountains we where taken by our local friends. great decision with loads of crazy hippy people great location cool river and party didn't stop day or night for hole 2 days where back now recovering and catching up with sleep.
check short video from the rave pretty funny.

surfed today as wind is dew to kick in again Tuesday some sweet swell too hope get some more action photos.

Greg was surfing duck diving and a surfer ran in to his foot nearly severed his toe off gruesome have look oooo happened a while ago but got photo now look horrible and very painful.

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