Monday, 9 February 2009

video muz and proffit and up date from the cape surfing sharks arrr

honest i do windsurf but i am saving the footage for a video at end of the trip. I have made a small video diary with the no wind action.

 We were surfing the other day at muizenburg when this siren went off, we thought there was an abulance on beach. 
 It turns out it was a siren to clear the water as we surfing with a shark! We asked the shark spotter what was going on. He pointed to where we had just been surfing and said there was a 3 meter white right at that spot.  Arghhh! scary stuff , thankfully i still have all my limbs despite being one of the last few people on the water after the siren.  here s  a short surfing video to  keep you entertained, me and proffit!haha.
Played 4 rounds of  18 hole crazy golf tournament, was intense, great fun .

I have made a short video. We had stormy weather which was cool. We did a hike too, some cool action, no windsurfing  but i assure you the final movie should be sweet, full of windsurfing action. Hope you enjoy! More short videos to come too, of all the action thats been going on...

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