Saturday, 23 May 2009

update its been hectic

soo I was at the Rossi event in Wales was crazy wind I was on my 4.1 Goya wave 3d most ppl where on 3.7. Weather was awesome sunny too massive jumping. I got knock out first round boo. I had some savage double loop crashes awesome fun. met Colin and bubble at beach pack my stuff sandy wet from hard day on water. we then went to the party same night the party was at landunknow ski slope. went for some epic snow boarding I was raising down the slope half way down at ten at night. I saw Colin come on muzza where off to Manchester tonight go friends house . as we had to catch a plane to Vasili next morning from Manchester when we got there she was still at work where she is a bar manger. we ended up having lock in till early hours of morning after massive day on the water and slopes and bar so tired crashed out on sofer. what great day . day heeded to air port we had 10 double board bags to get on plane crazily it was easiest check in ever with the boys gift of the gab all that. Same with the flight had best sets first on first off loads leg room great stuff great all our bags arrived woo woop got to vass at 8pm dumped our bags headed to zouse... cant spell and spell check cant find its the Greek god of war bar ha-ha massive night on town woke up in funny place ha met my group been teaching all week had great club vass BBQ and now on my first day off woooo good rest time hope to keep you updated make a new video too woop

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