Sunday, 21 June 2009

my west side rap and water sweets

so its been a while lots going on as usual this weekend it has been water sweets festival boat regata mountain bike race and windsurfing slalom and freestyle and a BIKINI COMP "I" great stuff i came 4th today in light wind freestyle comp woop woop so funny as it will count as the result if there is no wind tomoro prize money baby wooo haha.
this weeks BBQ ents was west side verses east side BLING BLING WEST SIDE IS THE BEST i had a rap off against oli scott he was east side great fun and it went a little some thing like this...

"every one in the house im 202 here to represent west side crew
im going to sing you a rap coz every thing oli just said was crap

i heard little rummer going round the bay oli scott here is a big gay
like to do bubble up the bum ever since hes been drinking diet coke and rum

they like to pretend they are lady pleaser's but in real life they are just teasers if any of you divas want to get with theses east side geezers you'd better rember n bring ya teasers

some people think im bonkers but i just think im free you guys do all this freestyle means notning to me i got backies i got pushys you flat water boys bunch a pussys weeeooooo"

west side won the cheerometer so fun

windsurfing has been great fun I am doing my intermediate instructors course this week freestyle going well next week it is swa week all uk students here partying and windsurfing it up should be great fun. woop woop may be a video of rap coming soon ?

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