Wednesday, 16 September 2009

sponsor change and pool windfest

so this week has been a hectic one since I got back from vass iI was at home one day then I shot down to Devon the next day, to go down and see starboard and tushingham who now are my new sponsors which is great and I am looking forward to working with them over coming season and for a good while I hope.

after seeing them I poped down to see George sholito down at polcarris beach. but as I turned out he was away surfing so I went to join him on north coast of Cornwall it was a sick surfing session as I haven't seen a wave in vass for 4 mounths.

next day I went do porthleving windsurfing toyed out new kit had wobbly session on 4.7 and my new quad board first impressions where awesome.

then it was pool windfest or no windfest I sware if they changed the name it would be windy but as there was no wind I did the sup racing came 3rd in the sprints woop aha 3rd in the world next had awesome illume party eptyed primarni of lumo stuff great fun as allways.

after that its been prithee windy north easterly so I went to west wit and got pestered to pay money rubbish mugged to sail on the sea and do freestyle

so been busy and this week end look to be simpler im off to go windsurfing now and this week end is bright air extreme sports festival look like going to be a good party again no wind forecast.

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