Tuesday, 27 October 2009

woo crazy times

so after tiree i stoped off in Nottingham for a week which was fun but i had to find a way down too Cornwall for the week end for the student event called aussi kiss.

i contacted my friend potter he said he might have just enef space for me in his old skool vw camper but i would have too sit in the back with his massive German shepard dog.

when he arrived i was seriously doubting we would get there as the accelerator pedal had broken off on the way round to pick me up so he had taped a stone on to his shoes so the metal bit sticking out that he had to press on as the accelerator didnt dig in to his foot haha. but sure enef we made it in one piece was great event loads a wind good time had by all.

this week end is the last event of the year run by the bwa in gwithian cornwall so bring it on woop woop cant wait ...

shout out to zoe dave from tiree gf

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