Friday, 27 November 2009

hecktic week suspected swine flu and barbados

so at the start of this week i headed up to nottingham i was ment to be ther for a week but 2 days in i got call from mum saying my dad had swine flu in hospital so i shot back down to help out i had my injection to be imunised and was crazy like in film et when get put away in isolation when went too see him had to wear overalls a mask gloves was mad he is feeling allot better now and home today but turned out was not swine flu but phenmonia which is worce glad he is allot better now. then the 2010 rock sails came in and i shot down to devon to test them out wooo they are sweet then after sweet session using them in big bury i drove back up to nottingham. bit of crazy week all is good. i am off to barbados in just over a week on the
7th for the 2010 tushingham photoshoot woop woop!!

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