Thursday, 7 January 2010

mayed it wooop windy yerrrr 34c

ok so we have arrived but not with out some troubles.

we turned up at the air port with our virgin ticket but where sent to a sa airways filght to our horror when we arrived with 2 massiv bags of windsurfing equipment the said no way so we arguwed our corner and eventualy they put us on to a different flight that was a virgin one we should have been on origanaly but that was all the way in termanal 3.
we where stood in termanal 1. so we had a mission to drag all our kit throught the under ground warren that is heathrow to termanal 3 . where the friendly virgin staff took our kit and us on to the plane to south africa. woo we landed and heat hit me 34c wooo was snowing when we left the uk woop

we have a sweet apartment over looking bay and table mountan woop check pic at top

had first windsurf today which was awsome 4.7 weather and logo hight waves loving it but achking all over allredy day one ... keep you posted

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