Monday, 8 February 2010

on a mission

ok so for last 2 weeks forcast has been pritty flooky so we have been on a mission to find some wind and waves and on our jounry found some epic surf big waves and had allot driving.
we have been all way 2 hours up coast to e lands bay when we arrive point breaking perfectly barrels surfed for 3 hours i cought 2 waves but probely one best waves i have had so far.
pritty scary taking off in kelp in front of rocks.
the wind then picked up so went windsurfing on outer reef mast hight chunky ones.

awsome drove home that night the next day drove hour in outher direction down to witsands for some starbaord tack mast hight close out scaryness at top is screen shot from my video cam not so clear but can get the idea. forcast for week ahead still looking dodge sure be allot more missions to come. also this week will be moving house to ben proffits gaf woop keep ya posted dudes ... !!

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