Tuesday, 4 May 2010

wooo working like a bizzy bee

yo ok so this week rellay was hectic.com well over 1000miles great fun and finally i have managed to get some music in my van. wooooooo

i started the week in Devon last Saturday where i did the head of the dart paddle board race down the river dart was awesome fun 9 mile race took me around hour and a half i cam 6th overall with around 40 people on the start line was great fun.

after the race had finished i drove 5 hours up to north wales massive mission with my radio broken was hard drive trying to keep myself entertained good bit of karaoke got there at midnight where i crawled in to the back of the van and i got in to bed just as it started raining witch was just the start of a long night as it turned out the van had a leaky roof and i woke up soaking wet so i piled some boards over my head and tyred too sleep under a pile of stuff haha with no luck freezing pretty funny.

did demo on cool lake in wales then drove that evening too stock port too see a canoe shop i drove around m60 looking for place too stay booked in to a bnb for night of luxury woo

next day took couple of groups paddling boarding again all had great time falling in having fun.
drove to Nottingham for the night .

Tuesday i drove down too hammer smith bridge in London and took a group from a rowing club down the river Thames in London was great fun with awesome views surfing in London . woop
had bite too eat in London

then i shot over too Essex and stay with max rowes a club vass instructor good friends for the night when i arrived i parked up and went to lock my van when the key SNAPPED in the lock nightmare so i decided just to leave it till the morning to sort out. when i got too maxes his cats walked straight up too me and was a Persian cat with a flat face looked like had head butted a wall flat face hahah funny looking


next day i managed too get the snapped key from the lock maxes mum took me to lock smith too get it cut first one he made didn't work boooo time was ticking as needed too get too the beach for supping on Mersey the lock smith had one more key the right shape too try and make it Lucky he did a good job and i got in woooop woop i had visions i was going too have no change all the locks.
norther long day on the beach hard life haha with some 70 year olds paddling around really is a sport for any one brilliant hope im still surfing at 70.

on Thursday i was off up too sherwsbery up north again for sup session for ar kayaking people loving the sup going off . back to Nottingham for sup session round Nottingham on the fri

sat i went back home to fareham near Portsmouth via inner London too pick up hundreds of paddles had bit of a drinking session sat with friends from home

then up sun morning Early to waymouth for a super windy day trying too sup unsuccessfully so demo was abandoned and i went too see Murray Saunders and his girlfriends new shop Boylos awsome.spot

on Monday it was Murray's birthday so went wake boarding out by ax minster pretty chilly still on the water.

now I'm back in office in devon woo was crazy week hope get some windsurfing in the week ready for the event coming up next week end in wales woo

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