Tuesday, 22 June 2010

from sharks to wales

ok so after my epic shark encounter in cornwall i headed up to wales for the aberdovy bsa slalom event and demo. i left on the Thurs and had a free day on the Friday befor the event driving too the event through snow donia national park decided to clime up a small hill we saw next too the road. thinking it was going too take around and hour just left in my flip flops and took no supplies.we reached what we thought was the top to find next to us another peak deciding we had come this far may as well get too the top so carried on up then at top of that section there was another section deciding still that we have come this far we should at least get too the top 3 hours later summeted a 3000ft mountain we didn't want to back track so we made our own way back getting lost for around 2 hours and returned to the van after 6 hours covered in cuts in my flip flops starving and very thirsty. haha crazy great fun

the event was brilliant weather and managed too get out on 8m blasting could have been on a 5m well windy. great party too.

this week i helped the national trust with there photo shoot of thurlston rock in Devon windsurfing and paddle boarding through the rock arch way crazy great fun mad me wounder if its possible too shoot the rock at full planing speeds ?

after helping them i went for a paddle down river avon near bantham in Devon with the guys from magic sea weed web site www.magicseaweed.com may be a few converts for flat warter days on the south coast

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