Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Windy What ?

i am starting too think i am a wind jinks as im in the windyest place in the world and its not even windy enef too blow over a thing thats realy light.

had bit of a mission getting to gc too as i was planning on getting the 8 am ferry on the sunday morning but on sat night it was g man greaham woods 21st parate party and during the night i managed to get few a fair few rums annoyed a big russan and a widow in our rental house fell out smasshed and i slepet through my alarm and missed the ferry soo i got the afternoon ferry so was fine in the end i entered the qulifier for the pwa but dew to lack of wind didnt run a qulifier they gave all wild card entrys too the local sailors. snapped !!
but looks like could be windy by the week end wich is good woop so hope get some saling in poweered up for once.

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