Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Night windsurfing

thats not me ---->

ok so its been crazy over here in vass wind has been brilliant and we eve went night windsurfing after a few cocktails getting our selves ready for the national windsurfing festival on 4th to th 5th of sep at hayling island .

i tryed out being a dj at the zeuce bar with a dub step music in mind and went down like a led ballon we where told if we dont get everyone dancing in 10 min we had to leve so cracked out some top 40 cheese and got them all back. went well when we swiched back it dub step after all had few more drinks in them it was crazy but i never doing it again well stress full good fun to have dun . ha

had a back to nature day out camping on a beach over the outher side of the montan to vassiliki great fun and was pritty hott when the sun came up nicked name the tend of sweat. every 30 min needed a dunk in the ocean.

the bbq this friday is going to be james bond themed so have too look out a carboard bow tie .

i am lookng forward too some autum sailing in the uk cant wait to hit the waves.

i have tryed to spell check the poste but as im in grease it has set its self to greek so sorry for any of the spellking mistakes haha just like usaual then .....

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