Wednesday, 8 December 2010

painting Georges house????????

crazy week death defying painting on George's house had crazy week where lots seemed too go wrong?

we picked the paint up from the shop and put in in the back of georges pick up it was rolling around a bit i said do you recon they will burst m8 george said naaa its well hard too get the lid off as he finished his sentence and braked for a red light a pot of paint slid too the front burst every where.
check out the bend on the ladder ha... so we got home and hose was frozen i snapped the end off would have happend to any one honest... was brittle and icey so we used buckets too clean out the pick up only to notice the massive pool of wight paint spilling in to the main road where cars where driving through it sending it every where up walls other parked cars there own cars..
so we decided to brush the paint puddle to the nearest drain which turned out too be about a 500m and 6 houses down to the first drain on his road where by this time it was dark and getting cold an we realised we had now created a 500m patch of black sheet ice on the road brilliant. walking the ice y plank
so million phone calls to get hold of a gritter and 3 hours later after some cold traffic management a gritter cam and sorted every thing out after 8 hours painting out side just what the doctor ordered.

the next day we where painting away as this water started too poor out of a drain near our feet oo hear we go a blocked sewage main woop woop get some drainage rods from the local builder and poke a bit of carpet out from the drain to stop the toilet from flooding .

to make it worse when ever we where painting there was some pro painters doing the house over the street they kept looking over at us with disapproving looks

but now the house is dun looks pretty sweet it s yellow woo

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