Tuesday, 18 January 2011

maui woooo

ok so i have made it to maui feels like i have been here ages as seem to be cramming so much in each day dew to time difference wide awake at 6 am so go for a sup or surf then have brechfast go out again lunch then have chill time have evening session sup surf or windsurf had one day windsurfing so far with 5.0 but surfing been epic. the forcast is for the trade wind to come back on turs and with it there s a huge swell that has been said on the maui news to be the biggest swell of the decade. 21second period 20 to 30 ft hawiian so thats 40 to 60ft european wave standards massiv .... lets see what happends might be too big to get out there .keep you posted woop

this guys the maui news for photos check it out

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