Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New sponsors!!! Franklin & Marshall woo yer !!!!

Check it out I have signed up with the Franklin & Marshall Team epic clothing sponsor.

Check them out at also look out for them in high street shops like Urban Outfitters theres an awesome summer range.

Really looking forward to working with them and some great things coming up in the future. woo yer woop ..

Franklin & Marshall was founded in 1999 on the intuition of 2 young entrepreneurs, Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero, who since then have transformed their ambitions, skills and ideals into a successful brand that is well known for its college-vintage influenced design.

below is the first instalment of many from Franklin and Marshall travel feature hope you like.

Maui has been brilliant so far, stay tuned for the next instalment..... coming soon ....

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