Thursday, 24 March 2011

trades R back woooooo yerrrrr

o yer been windy for ages now full power session at hokipa 4.1 logo sets coming in boooommm crashed, sunk kit to avoid punishment and board nuged in to a hole on the reef and bang sapped board,followed by a swim down to lanes where i warped my sail and mast round a rock, no kit can take a beeting like that. i then proceeded to walk accross a field of sea urchins love tooo fell over from pain in my feet put my hand down to stedy my self and bang sea urchin in hand fall on bum wetsuit padded good safe spot to rest befor taking too my feet as it was less that 2 inces deep more urchins in feet owwww fel on outer hand urcin up under finger nail owwwwwwww ivan uuu Baaaasss@£@$$£@!!d crippled mess walking back to hokipa on road. totaly snapped, if any ones wondering where i am im sulking at spreks jumping there no rocks or urcing there just fun sailing hahah ill be back hokipa !!!!!ill be backkkk ......

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