Saturday, 14 May 2011

BWA Round One and Two

wales and ireland wooooo yer sooo was pritty hectic trip with a more hectic result oooo yess i came last oo dear welll i was more than a bit rusty on port tack after a winter on starboard.

was epic fun still look out for George's report in boards

some crazy final party in Ireland quote Katie McAnena from face book "so many ridiculous stories from last night.... ben proffits head, Muzza stripped naked in the toilet hit with a bog brush, t-shirt demolition derby, Mikey pissing on friggin everything, Mikey pissing into Muzzas pocket, getting Lampy to clean the ceiling this morning from beer pong trajectory, Tom bottling Brian in the face..... what an epic session!!"

im staying on for 2 weeks to help out Harty on his windsurfing tuition clinics looks like epic condition s should be sweeet..

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