Monday, 27 June 2011

Gorge windfest and more

Big Winds Big Loop Contest from WINDSURFING magazine on Vimeo.

so been a busy week here at the gorge had big winds big loop contest and also the gorge windfest been great fun and zane jay and skylar have been keeping us super active with mountan biking i fell off 3 times the brakes where the wrong way round so front was back kept full speed sending it over the front haha pritty funny just flesh wounds and brused ego wakeboarding went for a back flip and didnt end great haha windsurfing snapped a mast on river wich flows up wind at around 7 knts crazy swim inn up a river eddie and we going snow boarding soon too soo lets hope i keep it all together on the mountan apprently there is still lots of snow on mount hood solots of action lots fun things too do woooop

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