Tuesday, 19 July 2011

USA Windsurfing Nationals San francisco

just got back from the us nationals at san francisco had awsome trip great adventures so the day before we left i was cureld up in bed with flu and i was certan i would not make it but slowley as the time came to leve i was feeling better and just befor we left i had a solid poo hahaha epic as 3 days befor i couldent even drink water with out throwing up. so there was the 15 hour drive down we where toeing the starboard trailor for the deom at the event. we where a day eirly and went straight to santa cruse for a epic surf session over head hight peling down the line was sweet
the event was being held at berkley so to save money we decided too stay in the back of my friend jays car wich we thought was a good idea apart from in califoria i think its illegal but any way we parked up in the berkly yach club which was the venue for the event and decided it would be i quiet place too sleep. sooo wee thought but as it turnes out i was awoken by a torch shining in my eyes i immediately hit jay m8 m8 theres some one looking in shtt the police get down had sneeky look up there was a guy with a big beard with his face pressed too the tinted glass trying too see through im no expert on police but usally they dont have a captin black beard style facal hair his eyes meet jays on outher side of glass what the f£$% he just starts running off can see the flash light swinging homeless dude checking out our car. now that freeked me out a bit soo hard too sleep and hour later a van pulles in to the spot next too us unloads 12 people pumping music and a party gets under way with full on dancing on the roof of the van shouting hooting hollering looked pritty ganstarish in my mind . about 30 minins goes by and police park in outer side of our car too move the partygores on so we hiding under so we don't get caught as they waking back and forth getting paperwork deling with the party animals. crazy night in a yacht club car park never new get so much action . needless to say that was our last night in the car we stayed at some friend houses every night great fun.

the event was great windy every day and i got an epic result coming in 3rd place in us national championships sweet think the willy skippers and old skool body drags went down a treat also had an old skool freestyle comp i came second with my pirouette sail 360 also competed in some slalom too but came last as was using my wave gear so bit slower that phil megane and outher top guys.

so now im back in hood river for a week then next big trip down to mexico think thats a 20 hour drive one way 2300mile round trip ooo yerrr bring on the cruse controll and red bull .......

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