Monday, 7 April 2008

cape town 2007

My birthday cape town when I turned 18 and we had a massive fancy dress party invited every one to come to doodles a beach front bar pip pardoe dressed as peter pan me as a fairy all the boys as cow boys and proffits crew of 6 all Mexicans and kevin meveson in a spider man suit sized for a 6 year old and si and law and crew as American Indians and cowboys around 10 then after a few beverages decided to head home and take every one at the bar with us so we had 6 Mexicans 10 cowboys/ indiand fairytale characters bar goers and a super hero in our house just like a massive circus precession down road back to our house .with cars pulling up with 180” hand break parking from the Dutch boys. far to say it was getting rowdy our house had a sweet pool and hot tub it was the ideal party house but our land lord had had eneuf of this sort of thing happening, it had been dun a few nights before so she came down the road and was at our front gate where a drunk man fairy me and proffit dressed as a Mexican with sombreo,poncho and tash where trying to convince here there was no party going on inside her lovely house which she rented to us with no furniture in it apart from beds wise move as sure we would have lost a deposit if there was any in there . she stormed in past us to see spider man leaping from the roof some 8ft up in to the pool pulling the huge bomb with a massive cheer from all the fairy tale characters and cow boys far to say every one got moved on to carry the party on in the local night club cabaƱas great 18th never forget that was great fun.

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