Monday, 7 April 2008

cape town worst week ever 2008

Worsed week was soo rubbish so our house gets burgled my lap top gets taken from my bed that i was sleeping in talk about shitting me up. When the police came we followed the foot prints of the bugalors down a back ally path behind our house for over 2 miles where they went in to a bush and the police man and I where there crouching down he said shh he gets his gun out at this point im absolutely bricking my self what the fuck am I going to do be a human shield hes got his gun out, we are about to go through this bush o my god this is insane, are they there ?
am I about to face our burglars in the face? they have all redy seen me in my full naked sleeping glory earlier that morning but what are they like … but nope its all clear we could see in the sand they had sorted through all our stuff proffits ticket stubs fanatic stickers on the ground. we followed the prints for about another 2 miles sherloc holms style then there tracks go on to a tarmac road all hope of finding our stuff is gone but for a while was like a episode of inspector cluso strange feeling following fresh path they had taken earlier that morning another strangely fun cape town experience.
so then cant I could not sail because I was thinking that could have been killed in my bed or following them crazy thoughts going round in my head as I am sailing out . I hit a wave get stuck in my foot strap and rip all the ligaments in my ankle end up in casulty for x rays just bad ligament rip out for over a two mounths could not walk soooooo shittt so I was cameraman fro next three weeks my worsed sa experience it was pritty crazy fun and bad all mixed in rollercoaster week dispite bad thing happening I think its all part of the experience good and bad times all makes great memories.

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