Monday, 7 April 2008

Maui Fishing 2007 story

in Maui 2007 I got asked to help out on a fishing trip which was great fun but, the thing was it came as a surprise. the nightbefore there was a beach party at our house I had a few to may bedvaragesand woke up in the morning In soaking wet clothes ..ummm ooo dear whathappened last night. Well what had happened I had passed out on a sunlounger and the guys thought it would be funny to anchor a kayak to thebeach put me on it and push me out to sea while I still stay un aware ofwhat's happening I suddenly stand to my feet fall like a log in to the oceanface first as I can imaging was very funny to all the guys standing on thebeach so if you have ever had an incident like that happen to you and you donot rember it you could empathizes with the state I was in next day and yesthis was the day someone offered to take me on a boat fishing for 21 hoursin the pacific ocean and yes I saw my breakfast on a number of occasionsbut we caught 700 pounds of fish and a prize 100pounder tuna it was the bestfishing trip the boat owner has ever had so I guess fish must likeregurgitated alcohol a great fun thing to do good life experience.

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