Tuesday, 30 September 2008

hitch hiker terry the tramp

all going well on our road trip been up in the yokshire dales for last week had some good wind and parties at freshers week in Leeds.
but on the way up to Leeds we stopped at McDonald services where we ordered our food and sat down to tuck in after windsurfing all day with out any lunch we where pretty hungry lads super sized our meal and took a seat. we started to tuck in and after a while we noticed quite a bedraggled looking fellow sitting few tables away he looked like hadn't seen a shower for few months or a razor/nail clippers he came over started chatting to Murray saunsers being a fredly fellow had a long convo with this homeless dude. feeling the can I have a lift question coming on tried to back out by changing our route 5 times 2 fake fone calls to no one saying we where in a rush.
he didn't care where we where going he just wanted to come with us by this time Murray could not think of any excuses I was watching murrays hands shaking in fear as he said just get in I will take you to next services as he walked to other side of the van me and Murray where arguing as to who had to drive who had to sit next to him I got shoved in van to sit next to this guy who smelled like alcohol and smelled quite potent of BO.
Murray derived at the speed of light to next services while the hitch hiker sucked his dirty thumb and rocked back and forth in crazy manner talking gibberish to us. as we got to services he then asked us to drive little farther and little farther after 5 times we had to stop just ask him to get out but he wouldn't he eventually got out of the van after Murray gave him a pound he had good pick of his nose and rolled a cigarette then he got out. we drove off fast as we could and sieged big sigh of relief as we where certain he wanted to mug us but we where fine terry has gone on his way so if anyone goes threw a services and you happen to see a tramp say hay to terry slip him a burger he might bless you with his presents and lighten your day.


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