Sunday, 21 September 2008

on the road

hi been a while since a good post so just fill everey one in on whats been going on for last mounth i got back from vass been doing some work as a pa for a bit get some cash through the agancy

now im on the road for the uk tour me and murray saunders are crusing around in goya van hitting up the demos and waiting for the forcast go sailing in some epic conditions. just down here at edge watersports this weekend staying round for bit of a surf

then up to leeds for robin hood demo then the fun is going to start with the forcast hunt two weeks before tiree event can go any where ireland is on the cards

then up to tiree for the comp then bk down west for ak7 the student event then its back to the grind save up for some winter training if all goes well off to cape town for some epic trip keep you posted muzza

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