Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ireland oo yerr

Ireland was sweet all started with a ferry ride to Dublin where we had a 4 hour drive down to Kerry in the south west such awesome country Guinness was amazing we managed to get a result with 2 days of wind i came 7th overall check out some pics

in the no wind time we had some great crack with some sweet golf where i think i lost 20 golf balls but found 22 on my way round the course was like playing golf in a sand pit .

i got on the front page of the irish examiner like the telegraph in the uk pretty cool don't know why they wanted me to be kicked in the bum by a girl in a bikini ? she turned up with the photographer ran up kicked me in them bum while he took a photo then they left and they put it on the front cover haha

during the trip we had some van wars with rival van. in our van was me Adam Lewis from otc and George shillito in the opposition was Adam Sims ,mike archer and Joe o'callahan it began when Adam Lewis bought a lads mag at every petrol stopp so we had nuts,zoo and fhm and top 100 we traded top 1oo and nuts for a loaded with the rival van where we thought it would be funny to cut out the girls and give it back .

which back fired as when we where out windsurfing we where robbed of all of the magazines . so we retaliated by emtying there van hideing all windsurfing kit so when the went too drive off had no stuff . again this was funny but it back fired when we received 3 van attacks of same nature.

so on the way home from the pub we saw that there velux window was open on there roof witch attached to our house so we climbed across to find out it was the bath room window witch was amazing because it meant we could climbed down through with out them waking up went down stares and turned all there living room furniture up side down and had keys to there van and put it in a field went back in locked the front door and climbed back out roof window in to our house .

brilliant when they woke up could not work out how we had got in awesome haha .

the retaliating was imminent and while we where at the pub our van was emtyied in to our living room of our house 10ft paddle boards and all . mixing it up a bit night mare for us thow and all our beds where upside down. nightmare when your knackered . we retaliated with eggs next night and next day received an egging great fun aw some loved the crack haha .

to get home we had to drive back up to Dublin when we arrived we had 5 hours too kill and rehana was playing in Dublin so we tryed to buy ticket off the well dogy dude we decided he was going too rip us off to we went for a drink on a floating bar boat then went for a stroll along the river where we found some bikes old skool style too rent so we got them and went for a epic race round Dublin seeing all the sites and scaring the cars it was around 8 30 and on our ride saw a fight in macky ds a stag party crowd surfing caring the stag too the next bar and an arrest in progress and all cool buildings and sites was funny too see Adam jumped some steps haha we where just on time for our ferry .great fun

some pics from wales event no wind action

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