Sunday, 16 May 2010

woop woop bwa brilliant

ok so last week end i was in waymouth for a team 15 event was great fun awsome racing and good crack lazy lizzard was brilliant .

this week end was the start too the british wave sailing tour and im in north wales on the way up stopped off at asbury water sports for freestyle session with the t 15ers from there and had crazy night out in macckersfield

in wales we didnt have much wind but we still managed too have some awsome action getting towed by a jet ski with our sails on sea

also wind snowfing thats right shoting down a hill on a snow board with a sail attached hitting the ramps was pritty crazy and my bum hurts now dont think its been dun over ramps befor me and geoge was first was great fun awsome stacks and luckely my body is intact only injory i had was indigestion from running up hill so many times.

last night was a fancy dress party with music legends theme so we went on a mission in too the local student town too find the fancy dress shop that apparently was opposite lidle when we stumbled in to the shop too see a wall of jelly dongs we asked the woman if this was a fancy dress shop do you have any blow up getars she said well have some out fits and blow up thinghs you can ware but dont think would ware them in pub lic we where quite supprized when she went in too her sales pitch on paint on pvc we where quite taken a back but eventually she directed us mile down the road too the proper fancy dress shop where we found what we where looking for .

we where the beach boys great party with some well funny karioki

right now im sat on a ferrry from holly head too ireland where we will have 6 hour drive from dublin too county kerry south west ireland where the forcast is looking sweet soo hope get some good wave sailng in there and also a great guinness too

hope too bring you some better fotage and some more pics soon cant wait

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